Industrial Design is in my heart

 I am an industrial product developer with over 15 years of experience, specifically in luxury female accessories and handbags design. I am proficient in web design, visual identity systems, and industry standard design software. my experience has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of identified target markets and the importance of brand awareness and identity. i am an excellent communicator on a professional and personal level.


As a freelance designer my job is to put your ideas into a product .

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Bogota/ Miami/ Aalsmeer
Packaging Designer
  • Designing packaging and bringing various product ideas to life for various types of flowers and potted plants Industry

  •  Design packaging solutions primarily using corrugated carton for flexo production

  • Produce ready-to-manufacturer designs implementation overseas

  • Produce creative designs that represent the very latest trends

  • Creating graphics adaptables for flexography


Bogota/ Colombia
Brand Designer
Handbag Designer
Graphic Designer
  • Create a whole collections of bags that match the Shoes of Hector Rodriguez Recognised Shoes's Colombian Brand
  • Help small and big Companies to make their ideas come a reality

  • Design and make handbags for high profile clients 

  • Built brad identity for start ups


London/ UK
Product & Packaging Designer


  • Design different products specifically for new mothers

  • Develop graphics and packaging for new and existing products

  • Design  a ranch of chaging bags for professinal woman for tesco

  • In charge of making presentations specifically aimed at new customers and to pitch new products to senior management 



Bogota/ Colombia

Head Designer & Owner

  • Followed market trends to develop collections

  • Sourced the best materials and labour to produce the product and managed the production schedule

  • Regularly worked independantly and with partners to produce high quality content in order to create a coheasive brand


London/ UK

Director of Design

  • Interpreted project briefs in order to create designs which appeal to the target market

  • Created coheasive brand identities across a multitude of different platforms

  • In charge of a team of designers, who received instruction, feedback and encouragement to reach strict deadlines

  •  Making sure that company content was up to date, working closely with other departments to ensure that public information was clear and correct


Bogota/ Colombia

Public Relationships Manager

  • Find new clients and help them achieve their goals with the Company

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